Fibreglass Roofing and Cladding


Domestic Fibreglass

Ampelite domestic grade fibreglass provides 99.9% protection from harmful ultra violet rays. When you choose Ampelite glass reinforced roof sheeting you can be sure that it has been made from the highest quality materials available using the world’s latest resin technology.


Wonderglas GCP domestic skylight polyester (fibreglass) sheeting provides simply wonderful protection and durability.  This product represents a technology break-through over standard fibreglass.  It’s so good we give it a Lifetime Warranty against loss of light transmission. Surface erosion (fibre show) is minimal even in harsh Australian climates.


Ampelite’s Commercial and Industrial Fibreglass has set the standard for Industrial Skylights in Australia. It provides cost effective lighting through excellent spanning, light transmission and low thermal expansion. Available in almost all current and superseded metal roofing profiles, Ampelite has a sheet to suit any building project.

Wonderglas GC Treehouse Child Care Centre

Wonderglas GC (GC = gel coated) is a highly UV resistant fibreglass skylight sheet. The highly UV resistant  Gel Coat resin used in the manufacture of Wonderglas GC provides the ultimate in protection – ahead of even the latest surface film technology. The proven performance of Wonderglas GC remains unsurpassed and puts this Australian made product at the cutting edge of world resin technology.

Webglas GC - Canberra

Webglas GC is reinforced with a heavy gauge woven glass mat which provides continuous strength and protection in every direction. The overall strength is such that wire safety mesh is not required. Entire buildings can be clad in Webglas GC, outstanding for areas of high corrosion and extra safety requirements.

Cool-lite GC - National Ice Sports Centre 2
COOL-LITE GC                                 

Cool-lite GC provides diffused light, whilst transmitting minimal total heat transmission! Cool-lite GC provide a comfortable environment, and reduces energy costs associated with air conditioning and artificial lighting. Cool-lite GC also features Ampelite’s Gel Coat technology.

FS FireCheck Photo

FS FireCheck is a fire-resisting roofing and cladding product. Flame spread and smoke development are non-existent. FS FireCheck is now in its own class of fire proofing protection. FS FireCheck will resist burning in excess of 30 minutes. Available in all roofing profiles and in all Ampelite premium fibreglass products.

SR 76 Smoke Reduced

SR76 Smoke Reduced sheeting offers another level of fire resisting skylighting. SR76 fibreglass sheeting can be made to incorporate all the benefits of premium grade Wonderglas GC gel coated and Cool-Lite GC heat reduction sheeting.  The fire retardant resin and colouring agents used by Ampelite are the best available and result in a very durable product.

Clearslide GC

Unique Clearslide profiled fibreglass sheet accommodates exceptionally long length steel roofing from ridge to gutter. The patented ClearSlide fixing clips provide many advantages over normal installation procedures.  No longer are two very different materials screwed together in the hope that they will interact. Clearslide floats freely and eliminates any water ingress, or buckling (ocean waving) of the fibreglass.

Dual Roof Anti condensation System

The Ampelite Dual Roof Anti Condensation Skylight System utilises the fundamental principles of double glazing in an innovative manner suited to the Australian climate. Simplicity and ease of installation set it apart from complicated and costly double glazed skylights originally designed for overseas countries. Sports stadiums and multipurpose halls have been quick to embrace the Dual Roof skylight system.

EEFAS - Safeway Geelong
As a totally integrated composite structure, the Ampelite EEFAS system offers many benefits over traditional single sheet skylight design. The EEFAS skylight panel has been developed to compliment all insulated steel panels.  EEFAS has superior thermal performance and conforms to the Building Code of Australia (BCA) requirements for Class 2 to 9 Buildings, including part J. With exceptional spanning and single fixing, the Ampelite EEFAS system offers natural lighting for every sandwich panel project.

Thermal Skylight (2)

Natural light without compromising on insulation, the Ampelite Thermal Skylight System offers just that. Excellent thermal insulation and light transmitting properties and meets the requirements of the Building Code of Australia (BCA) requirements for Class 2 to 9 Buildings, including part J. Modern roof design incorporates a range of insulating elements. The Thermal Skylight is easily adapted to be used with all insulation types and roof spacing bars.