Clearslide GC

clearslide gc

Faster, easier installation with ClearSlide GC unique profile fibreglass sheet clip system. ClearSlide GC allows the combination of metal roll form decking and fibreglass skylighting over long lengths. The ClearSlide roof is watertight and aesthetically pleasing.

Expansion and contraction of the metal decking and fibreglass are independent of each other as the ClearSlide clip system “floats” the fibreglass above the steel deck. The metal decking is not pierced at the side ribs. Ampelite ClearSlide decking is a special purpose variation of Wonderglas GC sheeting with all its superior features. The ClearSlide GC fibreglass profile will match all existing 700 Decking profiles. Due to the unique shape of the ClearSlide profile, end lapping onto metal decking is not achievable. Designers need to specify ClearSlide GC for complete roof runs from ridge to gutter.

Available Profiles

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