Dual Roof

dual roof anti condensation system

In today’s environment of conservation, the reduction of energy consumption, the importance of environmentally friendly, cost effective products is ever increasingly recognised.

The savings and benefits in supplying natural daylight in the workplace and in recreational facilities can be maximised at a fraction of the cost of double glazing with Ampelite’s Dual Roof System. This system provides good, evenly diffused natural light, eliminates condensation, and reduces transmitted heat.

Sports stadiums and multi-purpose halls, where condensation quickly forms on the skylight panels due to internal warm moist air meeting with the cold skylight surface, have embraced the Ampelite Dual Roof Anti Condensation Skylighting System to solve the problem.


  • Eliminates condensation.
  • Great energy savings.
  • Cost Effective.
  • Can be combined with Webglas GC or ClearSlide which allows for longer sheet lengths.
  • Effective thermal insulation.

Dual Roof Brochure-1