Roomlites provide targeted natural light. There is a Roomlite to suit any room in the home or office. The RM300 is ideal for bathrooms, walk-in robes and hallways. The larger RM360 and RM500 models suit living areas, kitchens, bedrooms or studies. You can also enjoy relief ventilation when choosing models RM360 and RM500 as they allow vented or non-vented fitting.

The tough acrylic dome and flexible light transmitting duct allows most installations to be done without having to cut ceiling timbers. The Dome, Flashing and reinforced flexible Duct are pre-assembled. Easy to follow do-it-yourself instructions are provided, but if preferred, your reseller can arrange for professional installation.

The roof flashing is available in a range of Colorbond® colours to match your steel or tile roof.


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